hello. my name is alice oseman. i’m 19.

if you’ve followed me for a few years, which some of you have, since i was like 15/16, you’ll know that i’ve wanted to be a published author for quite a while.

you’ll also know that i wasn’t a very happy person when i was at school. i hated school a lot. A LOT. it got to the point where there was only one thing i really enjoyed about my life. and that was writing this book. Solitaire.

i would think about it all of the time. i would get homework done at school so i could write at home. i would spend entire weekends tucked up in bed, writing, and i’d go to school on four hours of sleep because i’d stayed up writing. i didn’t want anybody to read it. i wasn’t writing it for anyone else. it was just for me. in a life that seemed so out of my hands, this book and this story and these characters were things that depended entirely on me. it made me feel like i was worth something.

it wasn’t until i’d finished and edited it that i even considered that other people might enjoy it too. that’s when the determination hit, i guess. this book was completely and totally an outlet - i wrote it in anger and in sadness and in the desperate hope that life could be less boring than it was proving to be. so i finished it and decided - i am not putting up with any of this shit anymore. i am so fucking done. the only thing that i ever want to be is a writer. it is the only thing that makes me happy. i’d better get on and do something.

now i have a book in my hands. an actual book printed by a major publisher.

it’s going to be in waterstones and other bookshops. it’s going to be in the UK and america and australia and france and brazil and a heap of other countries. people are going to read and enjoy the story that i wrote because i didn’t know what else to do to make myself happier.

i believe i am possibly one of the luckiest people in the world

and i hope that my book, and the books that i will write in the future, will bring something to people’s lives, as Solitaire brought something to mine

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